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Gemeinhardt Pro Flute AFL-OSBNG

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We currently offer a variety of piccolos from student models to professional horns. Please contact us or come in to view our selection including instruments from Yamaha, Jupiter, Gemeinhardt, including Roy Seaman, and many more!

Student Flutes:

Student Model: We have various student model flutes including both new and used instruments. We carry the standard student models offered from most of our brands including Yamaha, Jupiter, Gemeinhardt, and many more. Student model horns provide a much more durable instrument friendly for beginning students of all ages.

Professional Flutes:

While these are not all of the professional flutes we offer, it should give you a good idea of what is normally available. Please keep in mind there may be times one of the following is not in stock, however, we try our best to keep all standard horns available for your play-testing and purchase. If you are looking for a specific horn, please contact us or come in to inquire about a special order.

Azumi AZ3RBEO: Open-hole design, offset G key, B foot, gizmo key, .925 sterling silver body with Altus Bennet scale head joint, solid silver.

Pearl 765: Sterling silver headjoint, body, and foot with silver
clad keys, 0ffset design.

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