Student Trombones: We have various student model trombones ranging from brand new to used. We carry these student models with most of our brands such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Buffet as well as many more. The student model provides a much more durable instrument friendly for beginning students of all ages.


PBones: We now carry PBones! These trombones are made from plastic and include a brass tipped slide to help enhance its sound. The PBones is ideal for student who are learning how to play by providing a much more inexpensive alternative to a brass trombone. The PBone is also a fun instrument for more advanced trombone players to take different places due to its lightweight characteristics. We carry the PBone in a variety of different colors.

Antoine Courtois (F): Developed using the Antoine Courtois design, the two new AC260BO and AC280BO models provide trombonists with consistent quality at a more affordable price.
The two trombones share the same bell yet come with two bore-slide options:
- a medium bore and a narrow slide for the AC260BO model
- a large bore and a standard slide for the AC280BO model

Bach 42BO (F): "Stradivarius" - Bb/F, .547" bore, 8-1/2" one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell, chrome plated nickel-silver inner handslide tubes, brass outer handslide tubes, open wrap "F" section with traditional rotor, clear lacquer finish, genuine Vincent Bach 6-1/2A large shank mouthpiece and zippered Cordura covered wood shell case

Jupiter XO Bass Trombone: Jupiter XO Model Professional Bass Trombone 1240L-T. XO Model Double Independent Rotor B b/F/G b and D Lacquered Yellow Brass Body .571" Bore Open Wrap Three Interchangeable Leadpipes Dual Thru-FloTM Valve design two-piece 9.5" bell brass outer slide with nickel-silver crook chromed inner slides XO Series wood-frame case.

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