Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Info

A Message from JKEAA Music Services


Dear Parents, Educators, Customers, and Musicians,


JKEAA Music will remain committed to the highest level of customer service during these unstable times while we all face the health concerns of COVID-19.  We wish to inform you all of the preventative measures we are taking to keep all of our friends, family, and everyone safe and healthy while in our store:


All JKEAA employees have been instructed to disinfect all surfaces including door handles, lesson studios, bathroom fixtures, credit card terminals, pens & pencils, and instruments after every customer interaction and music lesson.


All JKEAA employees have been instructed to disinfect all rentals before being released to customers.


All JKEAA Employees have been instructed to fully disinfect all instruments on display at the opening and closing of each day as well as after each time a customer interacts with the instrument.  


At this time we will be temporarily modifying our store and shop operating hours to meet the reduced needs of the community.  Our retail store will be open from 1pm to 6pm Monday through Friday, Saturday from 10am to 4pm, and we will be closed Sundays.  If you currently have a scheduled lesson contract outside of these temporary hours, you will be individually contacted and we will attempt to find another time to meet your needs with your instructor.  Since many of our students are out of school now, we are also temporarily opening up lesson times earlier in the day to accommodate these students.  


At this time, both our retail store and shop are temporarily closed due to the "shelter in place" order signed on March 19th, 2020.  Once this order is lifted we plan on reopening both locations to the public.  


We will be offering virtual lessons via FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom at your regularly scheduled lesson time.  Please email us at for more information on how to connect with your teacher at your appropriate lesson time.


We want to thank everyone that is part of our JKEAA Music family for your continued patronage and confidence in keeping you safe & healthy in our store.




JKEAA Music Services

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